A few years ago we were talking to a friend about superannuation, investments, retirement etc..

Our friend told us that she engaged Select Advice Financial Planning to manage her financials after a family member recommended them to her.

We contacted Select Advice and met with Eric and Tony who prepared a very detailed proposal of how they would invest our Superannuation.

We were quite surprised that our Super could be ‘working harder’ and generating more income than what we were getting with our Industry Super Fund.

We happily transferred our Super to Select Advice and are very satisfied with our return, in fact our balance has grown markedly.

We have now been retired for 4 years, draw a ‘comfortable pension’ and, under extremely turbulent circumstances throughout 2020, our overall balances have remained very healthy.

Our relationship with the Select Advice team is excellent, very cordial and friendly. They are only a phone call or email away if we need advice.

We are completely happy with the way Select Advice are managing our ‘future’ and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the team to others.

- Terry and Ronnie Middleton

Tony and Eric were both very easy to deal with from to start to finish, not only were they professional but also extremely knowledgeable and helpful in taking care of all of our insurances and superannuation. We are a newly established business located in Melbourne and needed guidance and someone trustworthy. After much research and recommendations, we decided to put our faith in Tony and Eric from Select Advice Financial Planning. After dealing and speaking with both of them they made the process so easy to understand and more importantly highly recommend their services for anyone out there who needs a reliable professional firm to look after their superannuation and insurance needs. Our only regret is not doing this sooner as we had been putting this off for so many years.

Thank you Select Advice Financial Planning, it’s so comforting to know we are in good hands.

- Andrew and Stella Alexander

Eric and Tony and the team at Select Advice are more than just Financial Planners to me. Over the years they have stood by me and helped steer me through some of the most difficult financial decisions that I've ever had to make. Their advice is sound, their knowledge is rock solid and they take you beyond what you would expect from ordinary Financial Planners - because they are not ordinary Financial Planners by any stretch. The return on your investment in them is a 110% commitment and an unwavering desire to do and be the best for you. I've been with Select Advice for some eight years. I don't trust anyone else with my insurance and investment needs. The outcomes speak for themselves time and time again.

- Peter - Josef Miesen

My family and I have been associated with Eric, Charles and Tony at Select Advice for just over 12 years. Initially Eric was my mother’s financial adviser and has been my adviser for over 10 years. Over this time he has also become the adviser to my three married daughters. Eric has always provided excellent financial advice and management of our investments and superannuation. Eric is always willing to assist and schedules regular review meetings to reassess our financial strategies in order to maximize returns and minimise costs. In both these areas he has been extremely successful.

For all our home and investment mortgages assistance we have also had a long association with Charles. He has been very helpful and successful in arranging a number of low cost home and investment mortgages for my wife and I, as well as for my three daughters.

Overall we are extremely happy with their support and service and are very happy to be part of the Select Advice family. I am extremely happy to recommend Eric, Charles and Tony at Select Advice, as I am confident that they would do the same for other families.’

- Alan Feldman

What do I look for in a financial advisor? I look for someone who will listen to me and my particular life story and understand what I want for the future. I need someone who can talk to me in plain English and layman concepts, because finance is absolutely not my forte. I need to feel secure that my long-term financial future, particularly when I reach retirement, is in good hands. I need to know that I don’t need to constantly worry about that part of my life, so I can get on with worrying about all the other parts.

I am an executive professional with a busy work and social life. I am not a person who can be treated as a number. As a consultant with my own business, income protection and insurance is important, and Eric provided great guidance and support in this area. I’m at the age when I understand the importance of investing for retirement, even though it is still a long way off. I had a fairly clear view of how I wanted to live my retirement, but not how to secure the ability to live it. I have some milestone life events to consider, particularly building a new house, before retirement becomes a reality.

What I loved about Tony and Eric is that they spent time getting to know me and to understand not only what I think I want, but what I really need. They accurately assessed my risk appetite for my investment portfolio and provided counsel where I needed it. They didn’t just say yes to my less informed flights of logic – they provided the experience and professionalism that engenders trust in their judgement.

The financial lifestyle profile and the ongoing reports are clear, easy to digest tools that keep me informed and therefore maintain my comfort levels. The proactive contact from Tony, just touching bases now and then, is like one of those friendships where you can pick up the phone to a best friend after any amount of time as if the last time you spoke was yesterday.

It’s the little things in life that make it worthwhile, but sometimes big things – like an 18% increase in portfolio value in the past 12 months – add a little sparkle.

- Megan Lane – Owner, Lane Communications

As a self-employed mother of an active five year old boy, it had been a long time since I had a chance to review my financial welfare. I’d been juggling the demands of motherhood with running a business and felt overwhelmed by my fiscal responsibilities and uncertain of how to take control.

An old friend recommended Select Advice Mortgages and introduced me to Charles Pati. From our very first meeting, Charles inspired my complete confidence with his easy manner, numerical wizardry and profound knowledge of his industry. It was refreshing to deal with someone who works genuinely and tirelessly in your best interests.

Realising my need for further assistance in the realm of financial planning, Charles referred me to Tony Pati, Select Advice Group Managing Director who, after a warm welcome and reassuringly holistic overview of the Groups services, gave me access to the expertise of Eric Bohl.

Together we worked through a complete vision of financial security based on my most cherished goals and values. Superannuation, Income Protection, Trauma and Life Insurance were individually and meticulously addressed with respect to my unique situation. I came away from this consultation with the utmost confidence in my choice of advisors and in my financial future, particularly my ability to provide for my son. Every interaction I have had with the Select Advice Group has been characterised by warmth, respect, outstanding service and professionalism. Gratitude to Charles, Tony and Eric for taking such great care of me and giving me priceless peace-of-mind!

- Claire James – Owner, Sensorium Wellness

My wife and I have been supported by Tony Pati and his team at Select Advice Group for a number of years, and I have happily recommended them to others.

Most importantly, Tony and Eric have taken the time to get to know us and our values as a family. This is then reflected in the financial structures that they have helped us put in place, and the ongoing advice they provide. I never feel that our discussions are only about money – they range through our beliefs, our short and long term objectives, and the issues that cause us stress. The advice we receive reflects that context. They have helped to educate us about the range of investments and structures available, insurance policies that suit our needs, and have recommended changes that are best suited to our situation as it evolves over time.

My main objective is to allow them to do the worrying on our behalf – they have integrated their advice with a tax adviser who they introduced us to, and have helped us with mortgage broking needs along the way through Select Advice Mortgage. I don’t want to be having to carefully track day to day performance of investments. Tony and his team help us to see and pursue the bigger picture.

- Malcolm – Lawyer

We were introduced to Tony Pati and Eric Bohl when we were looking at establishing a self-managed superfund to buy a property. Select Advice Financial Planning was recommended to us because of their professionalism, experience and integrity.

Leading up to seeing Eric, we were unsure as to what avenue to take, but were advised by several people that property was the best way, and then someone else suggested a self-managed superfund. We had previously travelled to Queensland to look at property; we lost some money on an internet horse betting system as well. So we didn’t know which way to go, but we knew we had to do something to secure a better future for our retirement.

We just didn’t know who we could trust, or what the best way to go was. I was feeling very insecure about everything, and sick of being misled. After a week of fast tracked talking sales people we had signed up for a property, however fortunately at the end of that week we had an appointment with Select Advice Financial Planning to discuss ways they could help or guide us.

We were advised us to pull out of that contract; afterwards we found out that we were paying far too much for that property and that we had no idea about the ramifications of starting our own self-managed superfund. Eric asked us for all our information, what our plans for the future were, and at what age did we want to retire etc. In a couple of weeks he had put together our portfolio.

If it wasn’t for Tony & Eric we would have lost more money on a property which would of taken years to get a return on (if ever.) We were very sceptical at first not knowing if we could trust Tony and his team with our Super and our future. But my fears were soon allayed however as I found Tony to be compassionate, and you could genuinely see that he wanted to help us by understanding our needs and bringing in the experts to help us.

He gave us guidance and confidence and introduced us to Eric who gave us a feeling of long term security which we can see now. We will be able to retire comfortably with minimal risk involved.

Thank you Tony and Eric for your professionalism and for making our life stress free. And thank you for the 15 % increase in our funds for the short time we have been with you!

They are always willing to answer any questions we have either on the phone or by appointment. In summing up we have always found them to be friendly, professional, courteous and available to help when required. We would highly recommend them to anyone.

Yours sincerely Tony and Sue Black 19/08/2013

- Tony Black (Console Operator) and Sue Black (Chef Manageress)

My wife Betty and I were introduced to the Select Advise Group by our accountant over two years ago.

As we knew little about the Select Advice Group, we didn’t know what to expect. We were entrusting our retirement and future to a new firm and it wasn’t easy letting them advise us on our superannuation, loans and other assets. We had previously gone along controlling things ourselves.

2 years later I can honestly ask the question “how could we have ever done the things the Select Advice Group has achieved for us?”

Eric from Select Advice Financial Planning and Charles from Select Advice Mortgages have made our financial lives so much easier.

Eric has put together a financial plan to assist my wife and I with our superannuation investments and transition to retirement planning. This has saved us significant tax as well as given us peace of mind and security about the future.

It took Charles only a short time to identify that the loans we had in place for our properties were not in our best interest. He reorganised the loans for us and we have made big monthly interest savings. That means more money in our pockets and an improvement to our lifestyles.

Eric, Charles and Tony have always been available for us if we have any requests for information or questions. They are always happy to explain information in terms we can understand and always outline the best way for us to achieve the things we need.

In short, the Select Advice Group have made our retirement plans simple, they do all of the work and we get all of the benefits. My wife and I have been happy to introduce a couple of our good friends to the Select Advise Group (you don’t do that unless you are sure and trust the company), my wife and I feel that our financial future is in good hands.

- Peter (Retired) & Betty (Registered Nurse)

Select Advice Groups caring and holistic approach during our initial discussions with Tony and Eric made us feel at ease and gave us the confidence that all aspects of our financial needs would be addressed by a team of honest and skilled professionals of the highest integrity. Whilst Charles from the Select Advice Mortgages division was able to find us the most suitable investment loan products, Eric from the Select Advice Financial Planning ensured that effective risk minimisation and asset protection strategies were implemented via adequate personal insurances coverage. He also guided us on our superannuation strategy options and investment portfolios.

We were so impressed with Eric that we have since referred other family and friends to him. We were also so impressed by Charles that we entrusted him with our children’s first home loan experience. Charles’s friendly outgoing nature set the children immediately at ease. He took the time to impart his product knowledge to them, explaining the loan process and responding to all their queries in a timely fashion.

We look forward to continuing our financial relationship with the Select Advice Group for many years to come, particularly as we approach our transition to retirement phase and would recommend their services to anyone seeking a holistic approach to their financial needs from trusted professionals.

- Mario – Business Owner

After a significant change in our financial situation (buying a house) our parents recommended we speak to a professional about our future in terms of superannuation, retirement goals and estate planning. We were delighted to be referred to their financial specialists, who are able to provide advice and contacts across these areas, and many others. Tony and Eric really listened to our goals and gave us incredibly valuable feedback on how to get where we want to be. We know our future financial security is in good hands with them.

- Deb & Adair Hawkes